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Mindfulness Based Restorative Yoga

Mindfulness Based Restorative Yoga Therapy with gentle Yoga

"The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgement" - Swami Kripalu

Restorative yoga is a restful practice suitable for practitioners of all levels (you don’t have to be a Yogi to benefit from this practice) allowing students to practice without any strain, or pain. It is about slowing down and opening your body and mind through passive stretching; emphasizing adaptability, and acceptance while stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system.

By stretching your body, holding poses (asanas) for longer periods of time using props like yoga blankets, blocks, and bolsters, we will focus on the meditative aspects of yoga. In fact In some sessions you may hardly move at all. These practices will be based in mindfulness and focus on bringing your presence to the “now” with your body and breath, striving for physical, mental, and emotional relaxation before your therapy session. Once the practice is done, we will flow into a psychotherapy session where we will integrate your challenges experienced in your yoga practice and every day life. Hopefully framed by your yogic practice.

Practice begins gently with an emphasis on being present in your body, sustaining a flowing breath, and warming up. The overall experience is one of learning to love and nurture your body, not whip it into shape. we will be focusing on safe alignment, building postures from the ground up, increasing body awareness while cultivating a union between body and breath. 

We will be offering Yogic Practice in conjunction with your existing Psychotherapy appointment. Requests to convert must be received at least 48 hours'  prior to your scheduled appointment. This service requires an additional consent form. HERE. this service will increase the time of your appointment to 75 min from 60 min.

  • Converted sessions will consist of a 30 min yogic practice followed by a 45 min Psychotherapy session. 

  • Also offered on Mondays are a full one (1) hour yogic practice. we have only 2 session slots for this service type at this time: 2:30 and 5:30pm. Please note: These are not insurance covered sessions. 

Yoga with Props


Due to insurance limitations, Yoga therapy is not covered. these sessions must be paid out of pocket

  • Converted psychotherapy appointments -  $50 

    • 30 min yoga (not covered) + 45 min Psychotherapy (covered if insured)​

  • Full one hour session - $100

we have scheduled this as a pilot program to assess its format within our practice. these prices are to be held until October 1st of 2024 when we will be reassessing the program. costs may change at this time. 

Yoga Equipment


rules rules rules. gotta have dem rules

  • For 1hour Yoga sessions. 

    • a $20 dollar non refundable deposit is required to book an appointment, the remaining balance will be due at time of service. ​

    • a client is limited to holding 2 appointments at any time. 

    • please dress accordingly.

    • Yoga release and private pay agreement required. 

  • ​for converted sessions​​​​​​

    • book at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment
    • Yoga release and private pay agreement required

As our program continues, we may change our policies. These changes will be posted on the website under the yoga therapy page, and sent to you via E-mail. All appointments booked will adhere to policies in effect at time of booking.

Purple Yoga Mat

What to wear, what to wear.

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