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Matthew Grotefend

Matthew Grotefend

Operations manager, web site manager, receptionist, all around nice guy.

Hello, My name is Matthew Grotefend, I am the Operations Manager at Transformative Growth Therapy, PLLC. I am also the lead/only Web Developer, billing assistant, office assistant, and receptionist. I wear many hats, and sometimes pants. It is my belief that therapists are some of the most needed people on this strange blue dot. Which is why I took this job. we as a society have become more connected than ever before and yet still so isolated somehow. Finding a therapist who genuinely cares for their clients and does not see them as a paycheck is rare, but so very important. it is my pleasure to assist these gems of people so that they can do what they do best: help others. 

If you find any problems with the website, or feature requests you can contact me at: (Encrypted)

or call me at (304) 508-2784 (also a secure line)

I am also very familiar with all of the forms and agreements associated with TGT and am available to address any questions or concerns associated with them, I handle all information in a secure manor in compliance with HIPAA regulations.


I completed my EMT class in December of 2021 and obtained my NREMT certification in March of 2022. 

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NREMT Certificate

Psychedelic Facilitator

i completed my Psychedelic Facilitator certification in may of 2024. I strongly believe in the power of these medicines, and the power of the healer within all of us that we just cant connect to under normal circumstances. 

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