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Face to face, wherever you are

Telemental Health “Tele” is a Greek word meaning “distance “and “mederi” is a Latin word meaning “to heal”.  Time magazine has called telemedicine “healing by wire”. Distance Therapy, also known as Telemental health, is the use of technology to meet therapeutic needs of clients/patients, in a location different from the mental health professional either synchronously or asynchronously.
Real time communication Is a form of sharing data or communicating where there is no perceivable delay between the time something is sent and the time it is received. This is evident within our live video conferencing sessions. Live two-way interaction between a person and a provider using audiovisual telecommunication technology. Our sessions will have an in person feel as we navigate the world of technology together. These sessions are an hour long and will either be in complete replacement of our face to face sessions or you can choose to intermingle distance therapy sessions with in-person.

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