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Inclusion is of utmost importance at Transformative Growth Therapy, PLLC. We accept individuals from all walks of life, and do not descriminate according to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. 


We understand that every individual is unique and different from one another, and value the human experience and a person's right to self-expression. We acknowledge these differences as personal strengths. We provide an environment of connection, belonging and growth, while cultivating and preserving a culture of embracing all; regardless of real and/or perceived differences.


We firmly believe in transparency, trust, and a strong therapeutic relationship, as essential components in working together with an individual to assist in the navigation of their life journey. 


  • DRESS CODE POLICY: clients will dress in a manner appropriate for a professional appointment. (No shirt, no shoes, no service.)

  • 1ST PERSON INTERACTION: I require all appointments to be scheduled (or canceled) by the person who wishes to receive (or is receiving) therapy.

  • TELEHEALTH SWITCH POLICY: if you are feeling sick or otherwise cannot make your in-person appointment and wish to switch to Telehealth you must notify me before 8:00am the day of your appointment. So I can prepare an appointment for you before my day starts.

  • HOUR APPOINTMENT POLICY: Many insurances dictate 53 min sessions. However we provide you with a full hour (60min) this leaves little time between clients. So please respect my need to prepare for the next client. Extra time will incur additional costs.

  • PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES: it should go without saying, but during your appointment, please do not use your personal electronic devices. This is a distraction from your therapy. Please silence your cell phone during your session.

  • BI/WEEKLY APPOINTMENTS: I usually work with all my clients on a reoccurring, weekly/ bi-weekly basis. If you cancel several sessions, in which I perceive is a barrier to a positive therapeutic process, I will remove you from the schedule. After that time if you wish to reengage in therapy you must do so utilizing our waitlist for a new session slot. 

  • TELEPHONE ACCESSIBILITY: If you need to contact me between sessions, please leave a message on my voice mail. I am often not immediately available; however, I will attempt to return your call within 48 hours. Please note that Face- to-face sessions are highly preferable to phone sessions. However, in the event that you are out of town, sick or need additional support, phone sessions are available please contact me to schedule one. If a true emergency situation arises, please call 911 or go to any local emergency room.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND TELECOMMUNICATION: Due to the importance of your confidentiality and the importance of minimizing dual relationships, I do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any social networking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). I believe that adding clients as friends or contacts on these sites can compromise your confidentiality and our respective privacy. It may also blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. If you have questions about this, please bring them up when we meet and we can talk more about it.

  • ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: I cannot ensure the confidentiality of any form of communication through electronic media, including text messages. If you prefer to communicate via email or text messaging for issues regarding scheduling or cancellations, I will do so. While I may try to return messages in a timely manner, I cannot guarantee immediate response and request that you do not use these methods of communication to discuss therapeutic content and/or request Assistance for emergencies.

    • Secure messaging is available through simple practice, our phone and text service is also encrypted from our end. This is not as secure as messaging through simple practice, so when texting, please keep this in mind.


    • I accept cash, or card payments (processed through square)

    • I also accept payment through your client portal (available through my website)

    • CHECKS: Due to an inability to rely on checks as a method of payment, I do NOT accept checks as payment.

  • CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations should be done at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment, this will allow me the chance to fill that time with another appointment. Sessions not cancelled within 24 hours, or client no show/no calls, will be charged the full rate of that appointment.

    • Cancellations must be made by client. 3rd parties may not cancel an appointment on behalf of client.

  • No-Show/No call: if you do not cancel your appointment and do not show for it, you will be charged the full cash rate of the appointment. And you will be removed from the schedule until your fee has been paid and you have made contact with your clinician.

  • NEGOTIATED FEE TIMEOUT: If there are no scheduled appointments within 60 days of last visit, the discount will be voided and the fee will revert to standard rate of $175/HR unless otherwise negotiated.

  • NO-SHOW PENALTY FOR NEGOTIATED FEE CLIENTS: If any discount program is applied, and client “No Shows” (no cancellation and missed appointment) your fee will revert to the full rate for your next 4 sessions, after which time you can reapply for your discount program.

  • FRAUD: If there is an attempt to defraud Transformative Growth Therapy PLLC, all prior service agreements will be void, and all outstanding sessions will be charged at the full rate of $175.

  • CASE MANAGEMENT: I do not offer case management services, which include but not limited to providing paperwork for disability, unemployment, custody, adoption, foster care, car accidents and any type of legal issues.

  • MANDATED THERAPY: I do not offer therapy for individuals who are court mandated for treatment or seeking treatment in which disclosure of sessions will need to be provided to an outside entity.

  • ACUTE CARE: I am not an inpatient care provider and cannot accommodate those in the acute phase of illness. I am also not accepting clients recently discharged from acute care facilities.

  • DISABILITY DETERMINATIONS: We do not perform disability determinations or fill out paperwork for short-term or long-term disability or workers compensation

  • FORENSIC SERVICES: We do not provide forensic services such as custody evaluations, assessments recommended by probation, ability to stand trial, legal matters of medical opinion, etc.

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