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Self care resources

Self-care is perhaps the most important thing that we can do for our health, whether that is exercise, playing with your family, or meditation. here are some resources we've come up with to help. 

Meditating at Home


Meditation is often misunderstood as religious, and while it did originate within various religions around the world, it has scientifically proven benefits to anyone who practices. Benefits including new perspectives in stressful situations, improved stress management skills, increased self awareness, reducing negative emotions, increasing creativity, and patience. Find out more HERE

Here are some services that you can try.

calm Meditation
headspace- Nuff said
ballance Meditation
Breethe Meditation

Physical wellbeing

Mental Health goes hand in hand with physical wellbeing, hard to have a clear head when you're feeling bloated and sluggish. doctors trainers and teachers help you in these arenas. Here's some we like. 

Source Yoga - Tacoma
Planet Fitness
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